Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lady's Story! Wolf Dog or kid?

This is Lady. She is a Wolf/Malamute Hybrid and she is 3 years old. She is a rescue puppy from a rehab center in North Carolina that tries to take wolves and hybrid wolves and rehab them back into the wild. Lady, however, walks to the beat of her own drum. She thinks she is a human and was way too domesticated to be returned to the wild. I like to think she was either the “ugly duckling” who doesn't know she's a wolf or she is the smart one who figured out she will never have to hunt for food again.Sadly, wolf hybrids have become one of the most controversial canines over the past few years. They are seen as aggressive and bad family dogs because when one attacks the media blows it out of proportion. However, when a regular average popular dog type attacks, you never hear about it. There have been more attacks over the years from Boxers, Shepherds, and even Dalmatians thank wolf hybrids.
A lot of people cant handle wolf hybrids because they do require a lot of attention and exercise. Lady has major separation anxiety because she is very pack oriented and if she isn't placed in a room when we leave the house, she pees on the living room floor. She has never chewed anything of ours but she is very curious and gets bored easily and will rearrange items in the house. Its almost like a game to see if she can hide them from us and if we can find them. With enough attention, love and respect you will have a wonderful addition to your family for many years. I wouldn't recommend leaving any dog alone with a young child just because they are jittery but Lady loves our son and I feel safe with them playing in the same room. She is very protective of him and lays by his bedroom door at night. When you adopt a wolf hybrid you aren't adopting a dog, you are adopting a new family member. 

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