Wednesday, June 16, 2010

**Ignorance is bliss**

I took these pictures in Brevard, NC. I didn't know if I was highly offended, hurt, or disgusted by them. These people were marching outside of a church, holding up the small 2 lane road to voice their opinions about the war and how our government is evil for keeping our troops overseas. I come from a strong military family and my husband is in the military and this really hurt. It almost felt like they were pointing the finger at us as we drove through the town. Our country was built on Freedom and where I respect there freedom of speech and opinions, I feel like they don't respect what our military is doing for them. Do they know what would happen if we didn't have the military we have? Do they care? Do they know what would have happened if Busch cowered and didn't send any troops over seas to settle what happened on 9/11? Do they know what would happen if we just pulled out troops out all at once, right now?
(this was taken in va)

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  1. I love America. I'm glad I wasn't there with you when you took these pictures...I just don't care for "war protesters" very much. Our service people believe in this war...that's why they re-up to go back a second and third time. God bless America.
    I'm a vet eran and proud of it.